What is digital marketing

Digital marketing or digital marketing is a universe that brings together multiple practices using digital channels, with the aim of achieving specific and, if possible, measurable objectives. But what exactly is digital marketing and what does it encompass?


What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing refers to all marketing techniques used on digital media and channels to promote products and services. In digital marketing, an essential notion stands out, interactivity. We can also talk about webmarketing since the difference is mainly related to the environment, here the internet.

Digital marketing unlike traditional marketing puts the customer at the heart of its strategy. Digital marketing stems from two developments: marketing applications linked to the Internet and those linked to new information and communication technologies.

In this article defining digital marketing, we will present it in its different forms. We can cite, among other things, emailing or email marketing , natural referencing or SEO , commercial links, etc.


Email Marketing

Emailing or email marketing is a lever widely used in digital marketing. It brings together all the uses of email in the field of online advertising and customer acquisition. The use of emailing is also linked to issues of customer loyalty, customer activation, etc.


This practice includes relational, transactional, informational uses (newsletters), or prospecting uses or sponsorship practices. In 2016, 131 billion emails sent were recorded for a turnover of 105 million euros. In particular on the 22 routers members of the SNCD.

Email marketing still retains an important place in the field of digital marketing. It is also a strong link in marketing automation when it comes to B2B communication.


Natural referencing or SEO

Natural referencing or SEO is one of the branches of Search Engine Marketing (SM). This concept of digital marketing refers to all the techniques used to optimize a website or web pages.

In other words, natural referencing aims to position yourself on the first page of a search engine such as Google. Following a request entered by an Internet user, the SEO will seek to raise its content to the first position of the results.


Natural referencing or SEO also includes the optimization of the pages of a website and the search for external links. External links or backlinks will thus allow the site to gain authority. We can also use netlinking campaigns to optimize this lever.

The financial stakes related to referencing can be considerable, since they largely depend on the visibility of a structure on the internet. The better the positions of the content, the better the visibility and the business of the company.

Remember that there are 2 possibilities to find a company on the internet:

    1. Either you know it and enter its url or name directly on Google,
    2. Either you enter a query on a search engine and you find the company among the results.

So the goal of any business is to be on the first page of Google. The goal is to anticipate the requests of Internet users, by working on frequent searches for keywords related to its expertise. The content produced by the company will therefore have to answer the questions that Internet users ask about its activity… and more.


Commercial links in digital marketing

In the field of digital marketing, sponsored links represent the second branch of search engine marketing. Sponsored links are advertising links in text format, displayed on search engine results pages. We are talking here about Google Adwords ads to ensure its promotion on the internet.

These links mainly appear at the top of the search results pages, with the small ad symbol.

These links are also used in the form of text and image ads on Facebook or on editorial sites. The advertiser is charged on the number of clicks (CPC). For your information, in 2010 Google made 97% of its turnover thanks to sponsored links.

In the USA, mobile search represents 16 to 22% of advertising expenditure.


Online or display advertising

Display advertising refers to all forms of digital marketing using graphic elements or videos as communication media. Until then we spoke of online advertising or online advertising. In 2016, in France, the budgets allocated to display, particularly via social networks, exceeded those invested in advertising on television.

There are several forms of display advertising:

    • The classic display
    • The video display
    • The display displayed on a computer
    • The display on mobiles and tablets

Among all these fields, the video display has dominated this market for several years. Facebook advertising has in particular made it possible to see the figures soar, on the budgets allocated to display.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliation aims to promote products and/or services by using what affiliate partners offer. In general, the merchant site provides its partners with advertising banners or text links.

Amazon has over 500,000 affiliate sites in its affiliate program.

Affiliates are mainly paid by commissions on sales generated from their site. Sometimes it can be simple visits or business contacts that have been generated through their affiliate links. Here it is a question of relying on websites, blogs and media with high traffic on specific themes.

It is a lever which thus makes it possible to boost the turnover of companies, by relying on a network of partner sites (affiliates)


Content Marketing

Content marketing , in other words content marketing, refers to all practices aimed at providing prospects or customers with a certain number of important contents. The work around content marketing is relatively specialized, because it is a question of meeting specific needs by attracting the customer to oneself.

The company will then create specific marketing content according to a product or service by dealing with issues around it. The goal is for the consumer to easily find the product / service he needs, thanks to the content broadcast. Thus the content must arrive at the right time thanks to scenarios established upstream via marketing automation solutions.

The exhibition and dissemination of content have become popular thanks to the development of the Internet. In this digital marketing market, content marketing strategies are generally developed within the framework of B2B or B2C marketing. The content is then exploited through marketing automation solutions in some cases.


Content marketing has several objectives:

  • Generate more visits and leads (prospects)
  • Provide customer support
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Promote increased sales through product descriptions and videos
  • Enhance a brand, its image, its e-reputation etc.


Social Media Marketing

In digital marketing, the notion of social marketing has two definitions depending on its context of use. In the first context, it concerns marketing actions aimed at promoting social causes.

This type of action is generally carried out by NGOs, associations or brands seeking to promote responsible behavior among their consumers.

But social marketing today takes on a new connotation, these marketing practices are much more common on social networks.


Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a growing form of digital marketing . It refers to all marketing techniques based on the use of mobile devices, in particular smartphones and multifunction tablets.

In a broader sense, mobile marketing could be defined as all marketing actions aimed at people on the move.

According to Google, queries made on mobile worldwide exceed those made on computers in 2015.

A Forrester report reveals that in 2019, mobile payments in the USA will reach 142 billion dollars.


Marketing via social networks

Digital marketing via social networks is all online sites that allow you to build a network of friends or professionals. We talk about communities when they are hosted within social networks, and are generally managed by an internal community manager or a freelance community manager .

These conversational platforms provide their members with interactive communication tools and interfaces.


The most used social networks with us are: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap, Linkedin and Youtube. Their large audience makes them essential marketing and advertising media for many digital marketing players.

We can also highlight here social selling and everything that concerns the promotion of its products / services or the search for potential customers via social networks.


SMS Marketing

SMS marketing refers to the sending of short messages to prospects and for commercial purposes. It is one of the 3 pillars of digital promotion .

With similarities to emailing, SMS (Short Message Service) is a communication tool widely used by companies wishing to communicate quickly with a specific target. SMS is also used as a follow-up solution on abandoned baskets in e-commerce.

In 2009, more than 1 million marketing SMS were sent during Christmas and New Year’s Day. SMS are getting ahead of emailing.